Building User Research Teams

Upgrade your UX Research and make successful products.

Successful products require good decisions. Good decisions need good information.

User researchers run robust and repeatable studies to find that information, but they need some tools and support to get started.

Building User Research Teams is a step by step guide on how to start a new UX research team.

Learn how to:

  • Convince colleagues that user research is worthwhile
  • Budget for and equip a research team 
  • Create the templates and tools needed to run research
  • Run studies that are impactful and useful
  • Optimise your research team’s workflow
  • Grow a research team long-term

This book is useful for:

  • Companies looking to hire their first researcher
  • New research leaders establishing a team
  • Independent researchers in companies looking to maximise their impact
  • Designers, product managers and UX professionals wanting to incorporate research best practice into their work

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