About the book

Building User Research Teams – The Book

ISBN: 9781670056849
225 pages

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#1 New Release on Amazon for User Experience & Website Usability

Building User Research Teams is a practical guide covering how to start a research team of any size. It covers the whole journey, from convincing colleagues that they need a user research team, through to the development and implementation of the tools and processes needed, to running high quality studies and mapping the future development of a growing research team.


Part 1 – Make the case for research

  • Learn how research and design work together in product development
  • Explain the benefits of research in business terms
  • Avoid some common mistakes for new teams
  • Educating colleagues about research
  • Make friends with other disciplines
  • Create a budget for research
  • Set research standards

Part 2 – Build research capability

  • Set up participant recruitment
  • Build a user research lab
  • Define a research process
  • Create research templates
  • Store team knowledge and research files
  • Meet ethical and legal standards

Part 3 – Run good research from the start

  • Define research objectives
  • Plan research studies
  • Run studies
  • Analyse research findings
  • Debrief findings and run workshops
  • Continually improve and iterate the research process

Part 4 – Grow a new team

  • Grow a team over time
  • Create a demand for research
  • Develop new research methods
  • Hire and develop researchers
  • Make research collaborative
  • Create a research repository

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Article about building new research teams will be released throughout 2020. Find them on my personal blog. 

What the reviews say

“I wish this book existed 2 years ago, when I was first making the jump to user research manager.”

“An extremely useful resource – A practical step by step guide of how to build a User Research Team from scratch

“The demand for user researchers is on a rise, and with that comes the need to organise the bits that enable research insight to pack a punch in design decisions. This was timely read for me, loved it.”

More than a book – it gives us clarity on how to advocate for UX in a company and gives a lot of good tips and advice on how to get everyone on board with UX.”