Get help starting a new user research team

Bespoke research team consultancy

An effective user research team will help you find and fix problems before they reach customers.

The book Building User Research Teams gives a complete overview of how to establish a new user research team. However some teams may need a little extra help to get started.

The author, Steve Bromley, runs remote coaching for research leaders, user researchers and UX teams looking to improve how they run UX research studies.

Research Maturity Audit

Reveal the barriers that are holding back your research team, and learn how to unblock them.

The audit combines 1:1 coaching and a review of your existing research process. It will provide bespoke recommendations on how to speed up studies, uncover more useful research findings and increase the impact of the studies that you are running.

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How To Start A New User Research Team

This two hour remote class is for people looking to set up a new research team or function. In the interactive class, we cover topics such as:

  • How to work out the ROI for user research, and justify a budget for research
  • How to reliably recruit participants
  • Building a user research lab
  • Using templates to speed up research
  • How to identify and run high quality research studies

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Something special

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