Hello! 🦆

I’m Steve – a games user researcher. I have worked on both big and small games. I work with publishers and developers to make games that players love.

🔧 I made The Playtest Kit – a toolkit for game teams to run better playtests. Learn more about Playtest Kit.

🎮 I wrote a bestselling book explaining how to start a user research career in games . Learn about the How To Be A Games User Researcher book. I also write monthly articles about games user research and offer training for people who want to join the industry, and for game developers who want to run better playtests.

🧱 I also wrote a bestselling book about how to start new user research teams . Find more about the Building User Research Teams book.

⏳ I’ve written about user research and games for over a decade. Most of my recent posts are on the gamesuserresearch.com website. You can also read my older blog posts.

💬 I love talking about user research & games. Come and join me on twitter for a chat.

🎙️ You can also book me as a speaker for your podcast or conference.