Hello! 🦆

I’m Steve – a recognised leader in user research.

Most people talk to me about games user research. I have worked on both big and small games, and continue to work with publishers and developers to make games that players love.

🎮 I wrote a bestselling book explaining how to start a user research career in games . Learn about the How To Be A Games User Researcher book. I also write monthly articles about games user research, run studies and offer training for people who want to join the industry, and for game developers who want to run better playtests.

🕹️Find more about my industry-leading games user research work at gamesuserresearch.com

I’m also good at helping research teams across all sectors increase the impact of their research. I built the first research teams for UK’s Parliament, and for the UK’s biggest news publisher.

I run qualitative and quantitative studies, and help teams increase the impact of their own work. Book a no-pressure initial consultation to see how I can help your research team run research that matters.

🧱 I wrote a bestselling book about how to start new user research teams . Find more about the Building User Research Teams book.

⏳ I’ve written about user research and games for over a decade. Most of my recent posts are on the gamesuserresearch.com website. You can also read my older blog posts.

💬 I love talking about user research & games. Come and join me on twitter for a chat.

🎙️ You can also book me as a speaker for your podcast or conference.