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  • Where’s all the posts about games?

    Where to find my latest articles on games user research

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  • Essential videos and talks for new games user researchers

    An introduction to some of the fantastic video resources available online. Ranging from 101 introductions to in-depth guides, ‘day in the life’ and more – video resources are a useful for learning about UX and games user research (GUR) alongside books, articles, and classes.

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  • Move from academia to the games industry

    After completing a post-graduate course, it can be hard to work out what to do next. I often get emails from people interested in games, but unsure of what to do after university. How to move from academia into the games industry is a common topic that students bring to me. In this article, we

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  • Essential Games User Research Books – Games UX reading list

    Games user researchers apply UX and scientific best practices to design and run high quality playtests and research studies. These studies help designers make confident game design decisions. In this post we cover the essential games user research books and Games UX reading. Working in Games UX and User Research is a popular career choice

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  • Exploring playtesting

    For the last six months, I’ve been interviewing game developers about playtesting. I’ve wanted to explore how they define it, why they do it, how they do it, and what makes playtesting difficult. Join me on the first step of the journey.

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  • How To Be A Games User Researcher – Book Out Now!

    The launch of the new games UX book ‘How To Be A Games User Researcher’

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