The upcoming book

As mentioned on my twitter account recently, I am almost at the end of writing a user research book – which is probably a sensible time to start talking about it.

The book, Building User Research Teams, will be a practical guide on how to establish a new user research team.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in establishing new research teams. During these experiences I’ve been lucky to have the experience of working in an established research team to guide me, and collaborated with some great colleagues to help evolve the teams to their contexts. Spending time in some of the research and UX communities, I have seen people struggling with some of the problems that have been solved within the teams we’ve established, and thought that writing down an approach would be beneficial to the wider research community.

Some of the topics that the book will cover include:

  • Advocating for user research inside an organisation and get buy-in for building a research team
  • Budgeting for and equipping a research team appropriately
  • Creating the templates and tools needed to run research
  • Running studies that are impactful and accurate
  • Optimising the research team’s workflow, removing inefficiencies and creating an ethos of continual improvement
  • Growing a research team long-term

The book is currently up to around 50,000 words, but will hopefully be a bit shorter after a further round of edits. There’s a few contributions I’m still looking to finish off, and some illustrations to be done, but I’m optimistic it’ll be ready early in the new year.

If you’re interested in hearing about when the book is ready, there is a mailing list to sign up too. The mailing list will only be sent to once, when the book is ready to buy. A link to hear about the book is here.

More to come as progress is made!

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