UX Updates: What’s going on (Writing Workshop, Flash Games and a Conference!)

Just a short update this week, as it’s been a busy few weeks of exams, travel and more. So, a few things to look out for:

I’m going to the “UX Writing Workshop” by Cennydd Bowles and Martin Belam in two weeks. The workshop promises to give tips on how to improve my blog writing skills. So, expect this blog to be much more compelling and readable from then on!

Also, when I manage to get the pre-loader working, I’ll be able to share the flash game I’ve been working on. Hopefully next week if I find the time!

Lastly, I’m excited to share that myself and Pejman Mirza-­Babaei will be presenting our paper “Playing to Win?” at the Multi.player conference. We’re on on the Friday, and will be covering the links between social interaction and biometric responses in co-located gaming (i.e. shouting at your friends during Mario Kart!). I’ll update with more information soon.

Heres a picture of a duck. Its nose is a dog:



Have a great week all!

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