None More Black (My First Flash Game!)

As part of the HCI MSc, we have been required to create an application in Flash, to give us a degree of practical skills in development as well as research and analytical skills. I’d decided to make a game, since it’s something that’d always interested me – this project gave me the push I needed to actually complete something.

None More Black is a simple top-down game, controlled with the arrow keys. Your goal is to survive as long as possible in the pitch black, avoiding obstacles like groupies and roadies with only your torch for assistance (and a few power-ups). The game is inspired by a number of classic games – Asteroids, Smash TV & Tilt To Live. As becomes obvious immediately, the thematic inspiration was Spinal Tap.
I’ll write up in the future about my experiences making the game, however I couldn’t wait to share the first version of the game. Please feel free to reply with feedback etc, I’d love to hear how the game could be improved, or your impressions.

None More Black can be found here.

NB: Reviews so far have been overwhelming. “It’s passable” said a chap from a Kongregate Chat Room. “Moderately okay” says the comments. Bet you can’t wait to play it now!

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  1. Hey, thanks for commenting on my box2d article!

    I checked out your game- it seems like a fun concept, and I like that you give time with “the lights on” to figure out what to do!

    Menu system looks good too- but I would suggest making your text non selectable, and making your “button” text (like to start the game) show the hand cursor-


    //and sometimes if you have text inside of the MC:

    Cool first game, good job!

  2. Hey Chris.

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s really helpful! I’m working on a revision of the game now, so will incorporate your feedback ( as well as adding mouse support!)

    Thanks again, and am enjoying the blog series!

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