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I’m away for just over a week, and thought I’d fill the gap with something a little different.

Although I generally try to write about user experience and usability in relation to games, Google analytics shows that the most popular posts are typically more general ‘how to’ guides, independent of platform. So, in the spirit of user evaluation, I’d like to find out more about you, and what updates you’re most interested in.

I’ve made a short survey (only 11 questions!) about the blog and what topics interest you. This will help me write more things that interest you. The survey can be found here

Most important of all is the incentive – one randomly picked participant of the survey will receive either a ten pounds iTunes voucher, or a paypal equivalent (in case you don’t use iTunes!). If you’re interested, just fill in your email when the survey asks. If you’d rather be anonymous, then feel free to leave it blank. I won’t be naughty with your details!

I appreciate your time in filling out the survey, and good luck for winning the prize!

See you in a week!

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