Get user research in front of game design decisions

Making video games is fast paced, and requires user researchers to be prompt and accurate in order to get in front of game design decisions. It’s pointless reporting your findings after the design team have already moved on, yet this is surprisingly common in slow research  processes.

This is particularly important when streaming research sessions, as designers start to make decisions immediately about how to address the issues they see in your study.

I spoke at the Games User Research Summer Camp about how using mind maps can help fix this, by speeding up:

  • Taking notes during user research sessions
  • Analysing research data to find the issues within it
  • Debriefing findings to designers, developers and game makers.
Get in front of game design decisions

Get in front of game design decisions video

The thirty minute session, including some (brave) live demos. is now available on youtube, here.

More on how to use mind maps to speed up research is covered in my book, Building User Research Teams.

Building User Research Teams

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