Increase UX research impact with collaborative studies

How to work better with non-researchers, and run more impactful studies

I recently gave a talk at the Games Research and UX online conference, about how to work better with our colleagues to increase UX research impact.

In the talk I cover three reasons research studies fail to have an impact, and how to address them.

Research is often unintentionally hidden from decision-makers. I cover why this happens, and some techniques for exposing our colleagues to research findings.

The second, colleagues don’t understand why research is relevant to them. We discuss how working closely with colleagues can turn ‘interesting information’ into a plan for action.

Finally I talk about how colleagues misunderstand the conclusions of research studies, and how to make sure we are being clear and comprehensive in our reporting.

The full talk can be watched here:

There were lots of other great talks from some fantastic games user researchers on the same day. The full playlist of talks can be found here on the Games Research youtube channel. Topics covered include representation, building a UX process from scratch and moving from academia to industry.

Collaborative research is a topic I cover in my book, Building User Research Teams, alongside other ways to increase UX research impact. Get the book here.

Next year, I will be releasing a book on how to run games user research studies. Learn more on the Games User website.

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