Book Release and Conference Talk

A couple of updates on things I’ve done recently…

The GamesUR Book has been released!
I wrote a chapter on how to run interviews for researching games, which appears in the new book “Games User Research”, published by Oxford University Press.
This chapter was written a little while ago, while I was still at PlayStation, and it’s thanks to the great work of the editors to bring it to fruition.
I’ve now read the other chapters, and there’s lots of great information there – I highly recommend it for someone interested in learning about how user research applies to games.
Some links for the book:

Conference talk
Alistair Greo and I co-delivered a talk at the last Games User Research conference, focused on what lessons games user researchers can learn from ‘mainstream’ user research. In it I spoke about the benefits of being embedded in teams, the potential to apply a variety of methods to answer new research questions, and how collaboration can help improve the impact of research findings.
It was great working with Alistair on this talk, and it was nice of him to suggest doing it together!
A video of our talk can be found on Youtube

More blogging
I’m also continuing to write on Parliament’s blog, covering research methods and best practise, and a little bit about the work we’ve been doing. This previous post is kept up to date with the stuff I’ve written for Parliament.

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