How To Be A Games User Researcher – Steve Interviewed by Seb Long

In support of the release of the upcoming book ‘How To Be A Games User Researcher’, Steve and Seb talk about playtesting, user research and how research makes games better. Learn more about the book at

In the interview we cover topics that complement the book’s contents:

– Testing new technology in games
– Why games user research often starts with usability
– What’s in a user research study
– Why does everyone always ask for focus groups?
– Advice for mentors and mentees
– Practical tips for practising games user research
– The future of #gamesUR

Sebastian is the Managing Director of Player Research, the leading user research agency focused exclusively on video games. In his career, Sebastian has lead research for over 200 games, and is recognised as a leader in the games user research industry. Follow Seb on Twitter here. 

I’m tremendously grateful for Seb’s time to plan and run this interview, and for the insightful questions he prepared (alongside all the other support he has given in preparing the book). 

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