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ISBN: 9781670056849
225 pages

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Building User Research Teams is a practical guide covering how to build a research team of any size. It covers the whole journey, from convincing colleagues that they need a user research team, through to the development and implementation of the tools and processes needed, to running high quality studies and mapping the future development of a growing research team.


Part 1 – Build the case for research

Describes how to explain the benefits of user research in terms that are meaningful to a business, pitfalls to avoid that will compromise a new research team from the start, techniques for educating companies about research and finding allies, creating a budget for research and setting standards for high quality work.

Part 2 – Building research capability

Covers participant recruitment methods, building a research lab, creating a research process and the templates needed to speed up delivery, storing team knowledge and research files, and ensuring that ethical and legal compliance standards are met.

Part 3 – Running good research from the start

Walks through an entire research project, focused on some tips on how to ensure that early research studies are successful, from setting and prioritising research objectives, through to planning and delivering high quality studies. It also covers techniques for debriefing that increase the impact of research studies for a newly established team.

Part 4 – After the beginning

Explores the ways a new team can continue to grow, such as increasing the demand for research, adding new research methods, giving researchers growth opportunities, building a research repository and integrating collaborative research practice into the work the team does.

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