User Research Templates

All the templates needed to run user research studies, from kick-off to debrief. Including:
– The Research Project Tracker
– A Research Study Checklist
– Kick Off Meeting Template
– Study Plan and Discussion Guide Template
– Consent Form
– Visitor Information
– Observer Information
– Note Taking Template
– User Research Report Template

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Building User Research Teams – The City Interaction Lab Podcast

On the City Interaction Lab podcast, we discussed many of the challenges for a new user research team, including:
– Where user research teams sit in an organisation
– The challenges for new user research teams
– The steps needed to start a new user research team
– How do you grow a team over time
– The release of the book ‘Building User Research Teams’

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Create a user research lab on any budget

User research labs allow researchers to run reliable usability studies and research interviews, record and stream them to a wide audience. The cost of equipping a research lab can scale from under £500 to millions of pounds.

I cover three different usability lab setups, suitable for a range of budgets.

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